If you’re dreaming about juicy, mouthwatering, finger-licking burgers then you need to be thinking about Shorty’s.
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Sydney Food Truck Catering

Shorty's food truck is based in Sydney's West and caters for all types of events, from corporate functions, birthday parties, weddings, private parties and also special events including fairs, fundraisers, market stalls, school events, brand activation and more.

Food trucks in Sydney have taken over the landscape giving Australians the opportunity to enjoy their favourite food from any location. We’re no different. Shorty’s Food Truck serves areas in and around Western Sydney to provide high-quality catering services. Providing catering services in the Western Sydney area for a diverse range of events and gathering, you can rest assured that Shorty's Food Truck will meet your event needs to provide an unforgettable food experience for your guest.
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The best burgers in Western Sydney

Shorty's Food Truck are proud to be making the best burgers in Western Sydney. Our team of foodies are always looking to make our gourmet beef & chicken burgers an indulgence of juicy goodness.
Chicken Nuggets

Crunchiest chicken nuggets

A burger is great and all, but why not add a side of great chicken nuggs? Crispy, juicy and a great snack to eat whilst heading to the beach or relaxing in front of a couch at home.

Chips and Special Sides

We have variety for the family when you come around - from different types of burgers to our special sides like crispy chips or loaded fries. With a drink or two, we've got your meal covered!

Food Truck In all its glory

We play cool tunes and provide both indoor and outdoor seating to give our shorty's a place to eat and catch up with friends. We come to you, so you enjoy our burgers in your own way.
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"The Best Food in Sydney's West"

Looking for a mouthwatering juicy burger you can sink your teeth into? 

Shorty’s Food Truck is the ‘short’ answer. We offer quality burger catering services in Western Sydney. Our flavour filled trucks will roll onsite to give your guests the ultimate burger experience. We are passionate about burgers and we always work to create a food lovin’ atmosphere. We’re not just any food truck in Western Sydney, we are burger obsessed chefs who love cooking up a storm, entertaining & feeding crowds across Sydney.

Burgers on Wheels

We’re pretty passionate about great service and our main focus is to create the most irresistible burgers in Sydney. Providing burgers on the go for your well-wishing guests, families and friends. There’s no better way to celebrate than with one of our food trucks serving Western Sydney and the surrounding areas. We are redefining the way traditional catering works, with our burgers on wheels we can accommodate crowds across Sydney creating an unforgettable experience.

The Western Sydney food truck scene has shifted over the years and Shorty’s Food Truck is bringing a fresh take to the classic burger. Our American style burgers are infused with Shorty’s goodness you can’t get anywhere else in Sydney. Gulp down your burger or snack on something light, we have a wide selection of burger options and sides that will leave your guests reeling about your event even after it ends.

Our Burgers

Spice up your event with our delectable selection of gourmet burgers. We source fresh ingredients to create mouthwatering burgers. Our unique style has made Shorty’s Food Truck one of the top Western Sydney burger joints. We certainly know how to stack up a good meal. Our juicy burgers are made with your event in mind. If you're looking for the best burgers in Sydney look no further. Short’s burgers are ready to serve.
Shorty's in Western Sydney Food TrucksShorty's Burgers in SydneyShorty's Burgers and Nuggets in Sydney
We have moved from our spot on the Cronulla beach and opened up our services to the rest of Sydney. Yes, our burgers are on the move and ready to fill your guests up with the best in Sydney. We don't just slap meat on a bun, our recipes are derived from the American style and infused with our unique flavours and recipes. Our founder is on a mission to make the best burgers anyone can eat. That's a strong mission but one we're dedicated to accomplish. At Shorty’s, we strive to cater to our clients needs. Whether we are roaming around the beach or catering to an event in inner Sydney, we aspire to exceed expectations with our quality of service.
  • Testimonials

    "Very VERY good burgers. Haven't had a burger that good in a LONG time! Bloody delicious!"
    Steve Wright
  • Testimonials

    "Great food at a good price. I enjoyed it!"
    Stevie-Lee Holloway
  • Testimonials

    "One of the best kept secrets to hit Sydney! AMAZING Burgers, you have to try these!"
    Cameron Laing

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Shorty's Food Truck catering 

Shorty's Food Truck caters for events in and around Sydney. So if you can't come to us, don't worry, we'll bring the party to you. Boasting the best burgers and chicken nuggets in Sydney with vegetarian and vegan options also available, you can't go wrong with Shorty's. Contact us today to find out more.
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