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"Originating in Atlanta that in the beginning – referred to a short person or child. The span of the word has grown to include any and all people, especially a girl that is attractive; it is mostly used as a term of endearment to others or just a way of addressing someone, like ‘Wassup Man,’ instead of “Man”, shawty is used." - The Urban Dictionary

For Foodies, By Foodies

Whether you want a midweek treat, some indulgent comfort food, a foodie, or simply just as passionate as us about juicy, delicious burgers, we're here for you. Always looking to outdo ourselves in the kitchen, we pride ourselves for locally sourcing produce and using only the most premium meats and ingredients. Being a food truck is a business of passion, and nothing makes us happier than having a buzzing food trailer cooking juicy, delicious food for a crowd as we play bopping beats.

It all started with an idea that flourished into the food truck catering business you see today. Nick Khouri, the creative genius behind the business started this truck to share his passion for food and burgers with others. Expressing his love for creating recipes and bringing people together. Shorty’s Food Truck was born and it has taken Western Sydney by storm.

Turn any event into an experience with our Food truck catering service. Based out of Western Sydney, Shorty's Food Truck will work to elevate your event.
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