How To Make Your Next Event A Success

So, you’ve got a big event coming up, and you want to impress your guests, huh?

If it’s your first time being in charge of organising an event, we understand that it can get quite stressful and intimidating. You want your guests to be wowed. You want everything to be perfect. You want to make it an event to remember.

However, organising an event—especially the big ones—isn’t exactly a walk in the park. When you’re used to just being a visitor, you might be surprised at how much work has to be done. Similar to when watching a movie, as you focus on the plot and the character themselves, you might not realize how much actually goes into making the scenes look as realistic as possible. Despite often being overlooked, every single mug, family portrait, and any other knickknack is put there for a more pleasant and realistic viewing experience. That’s exactly how it is in event organizing. Although people may focus on the celebrants and the reason for the celebration, it wouldn’t be the same without the organizers who make the entire event possible.

Don’t give in to the stress and intimidation! We’ve got your back. For Shorty’s first-ever blog, here’s a comprehensive walkthrough on HOW TO MAKE YOUR NEXT EVENT A SUCCESS!

  1. Form a team of three people.

As we have previously mentioned, organizing events are simply nerve-wracking—most especially if it’s your first time. The sheer number of things that need to be taken into consideration would be enough to drive any newbie nuts. Thus, as the saying goes, no man is an island, and in this situation, three heads are definitely better than one. In organizing an event, it’s great to have at least two other people pitching in new ideas and helping you make decisions. Furthermore, it spares you from having to bear all of the burdens on your own shoulders. Therefore, should there be an unprecedented event that requires you to leave the project for an extended period of time, at least two other people will be in charge of overseeing everything.

However, depending on how big the event will be, you might also find yourself needing extra hands on the job.

  • Establish a budget.

How much are you or your clients willing to spend on your event? Budget is arguably one of the most crucial aspects in making your next event a success, as it’s a limiting factor that would ultimately decide what your event can offer. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of putting up an event from scratch, make sure that you’ve already set an adequately reasonable budget. By working within an established budget, it would be easier for you to manage and prioritize your expenditures as well as minimize the risk of not having the event go as planned due to insufficient funds.

  • Plan and research ahead of time.

There’s nothing like being prepared long before the big event. This will save you from the panic of not having everything together hours prior and will even allow for mishaps beyond your control. Did the DJ call in sick and suddenly cancel? Perhaps the party décor that you ordered online are incomplete?  Fret not, because you’ve still got sufficient time to make the necessary adjustments anyway.

Planning events take up a substantial amount of time, as you’d have to think of and propose ideas that you and the stakeholders would be settling on. Thus, it would be extremely helpful to divide it into small chunks that you can assign to your team. Here are some questions that could serve as your guide:

  • What is the purpose of the event? Why will it be held? Along with knowing who your attendees will be, having a clear understanding of this can help you with #3.
  • When would the event be held? How long is it supposed to last? Once the date and time are set, make sure to send out invites as soon as possible. In addition, ask those invited for RSVPs so that you would at least have an estimated number of the guests.
  • Where would it be held? Is it in an indoor or outdoor setting? Is the venue available on your preferred date? If so, secure the date and book the place right away. Otherwise, it would be terrible if another person beat you to it!
  • What activities are you planning to do? What kind of entertainment will you be getting? Are these suitable for the venue of your choice?
  • How many people would be attending? Can the venue cater to the number of attendees? If it can’t, no matter how perfect you think the place may be, there would be no sense in holding your event there. Always put your guests’ comfort at the top of your priority list. You wouldn’t want the attendees to look like sardines in a can, would you?
  • Choose a theme.

In order to decide on a theme that’s both functional and appropriate, you must coordinate with the stakeholders and make sure that you fully understand what the purpose of the event is. Doing so would help you tailor the event into one that perfectly fits into what the client wants and needs. For instance, if it’s a formal corporate gathering, you surely wouldn’t want to decorate the place with colourful balloons, nor would you opt to rent an inflatable bouncy house. Once you and the stakeholders agree on a theme, it would be easier from then on to make decisions about what the event would be like as a whole. A safari-themed kiddie birthday party? Get some animal balloons and cupcakes for the young ones to enjoy! Now, wasn’t that a whole lot easier?

SHORTY’S PRO TIP: If you’ve already chosen a theme and you’re still feeling a little bit lost on what to do, know that you can easily find a lot of inspiration online. Sites like Pinterest are a good start!

  • Hire a catering service.

Whoever said that the stomach is the best way to one’s heart wasn’t wrong at all. If you really want to make it an event to remember, then choosing good food is the way to go! As follows are some of the things that you should think about and consider when deciding on what to serve to your guests:

  • What are the primary demographics of your guests? Are they kids or adults? What is their professional level? Where are they from? What are their ethnic backgrounds? Understanding the general profile of the attendees would allow you to narrow down the options.
  • Regardless of how well you know your visitors, people’s food preferences aren’t exactly a one-size-fits-all issue. Not everyone would be happy with a particular dish, so it’d be wise to give your guests a few different options to choose from.
  • Aside from thinking about what food people want to eat, it’s also important to consider what they can eat. Some individuals have dietary restrictions, may it be in the form of food allergies and intolerances or those stemming from their religious beliefs.

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