The Best Hangover Foods

After a night of drinking, there’s only one thing we want: to eat. We’ve all been there. We go out for a few drinks and end up consuming more alcohol than we planned (hey, it happens). The next morning, we wake up feeling like crap. Our head is pounding and our stomach is rumbling — but not in a good way.

In those moments, you need food that will make you feel better. And not just any food will do the trick: you need comfort food to help you feel more like yourself again.

Hangovers may be the worst, but eating your way back to normal doesn’t have to be! Whilst our burgers are an obvious winner, Here are five other delicious hangover foods that’ll knock you out of bed and get you back on your feet in no time.

Egg Sandwich

This simple concoction is one of the best hangover foods on our list because the protein in the eggs gives you energy without weighing you down, but it’s also small enough that it doesn’t tax your stomach too much. It also comes on a soft brioche bun, so it’s easy on your sore mouth and gums.

Breakfast Burrito

A lot of people think that burritos are a lunch or dinner food, but breakfast burritos are so much! They pack protein into eggs which gives you more energy for your day, and they often combine that with meat and vegetables for a satisfying meal that will keep your hunger at bay until lunchtime


After a night of drinking, the body is dehydrated and in need of nutrients to replenish it. Dumplings contain the perfect mix of protein from meat and vegetables that will fill you up without making you feel bloated.

Fried Chicken

If you’re feeling brave after a big night out and have a bit more appetite than usual, we definitely recommend having fried chicken. A big bucket of fried chicken contains plenty of protein that will give your body the energy it needs to recover from a big night out.

Bagel with lox

A bagel with lox is a great way to start your day after a night of heavy drinking because it comes with omega-3 fatty acids that could help reduce inflammation from hangovers and it also contains high levels of B vitamins to replenish lost nutrients.

Fish balls

Fish balls are made from white fish meat, seasoned with salt and pepper and then coated in flour before boiling. They can be eaten on their own but they’re often served in porridge or noodles. They are very easy to digest and also high in protein making it the ultimate hangover food.

Hangovers happen and the best person to help you deal with it is yourself. These foods will help you to recover quickly, and you may be able to resume your daily activities in no time. Go ahead and try them out and if all else fails, don’t forget to set aside some time for self-care and relaxation!

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