The Rise of Food Trucks: Bringing Snacking to You

Imagine this. Instead of going to the restaurant, the restaurant goes to you. There are various cuisines, there are decorations, and there is entertainment. Food trucks encapsulate the essence of “gathering”, wherein many people can hang out to eat affordable dishes and hang out.

If you haven’t noticed, food trucks have taken hold of many cities across Australia. The mobile food business model has been around for years. Still, it just recently got a kick in the pants and is intensely emerging as a popular way to provide consumers with culinary delights. After all, who doesn’t want deliciously cooked food on the go?

The Rise of the Food Trucks

2008 saw the start of success in food trucks, with food truck rallies, a gathering for trucks and people to eat, was also born. In the 2010s, places like Los Angeles would find themselves having food truck rallies. One example was the Thrillist Food Truck Rally in 2010. And with social media, eaters would even vote for the best truck. From selling on the streets, food trucks are now trendy for selling specialties or innovations of current food, which can even challenge existing brick-and-mortar businesses to push the boundaries in food.

Food Trucks During the Pandemic

However, with the onslaught of the pandemic, the food truck industry, like other industries, also suffered. Food trucks experienced reduced foot traffic and fewer sales. Food truck festivals were also cancelled. Still, food truck owners found ways to sell via online deliveries or in neighbourhoods or breweries to provide delicious food to their customers.

Thankfully today, food trucks and food truck events are back!

The Future of Food Trucks

Food trucks are here to stay. And there are certainly more things to come. Certain cities will likely move towards relaxing their regulations of food trucks.

Food trucks have evolved to become a celebration of food for all people! Despite challenges, food trucks allow people to hang out, eat and enjoy themselves.

A food truck means there’s an excellent chance that you’ll be getting a great meal for cheap. Moreover, food trucks are super mobile and provide great mobile catering options. No matter your budget, there’s a food truck out there waiting to serve you some tasty dishes.

Dine with us at Shorty’s!

Food trucks have been booming for the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer a unique experience you can’t get in a traditional restaurant. You might be able to pick up a quick bite on your way home from work, or you could plan an entire afternoon around going out for food truck fare with friends.

The best part about food trucks is that they’re constantly changing and evolving—you never know what kind of creative new dish or treat will pop up next!

Try them for yourself today.

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