Top 5 Food Truck Burger Facts

Did you know that a burger is one of the world’s most eaten snacks? Well, maybe for others, it’s more than a snack…that is, it can be breakfast, lunch, and dinner, too! There’s just something so delectable about that juicy patty that makes it very hard to drop once you take a bite. 

Besides being a hearty meal, a burger is a cultural icon, a comfort food, and elevated cuisine. That’s why all around the world, you rarely see someone who doesn’t like burgers! It’s a way of life for some people. 

In this blog, you’ll find out five fascinating facts about burgers. 

1. The burger was popularised in the US in 1904.

Culturally, the burger is one of the most omnipresent foods because, after all, it’s literally a highly-customisable sandwich. However, did you know that it was popularised in the USA at a 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair? It revolutionised the street food scene so much that the New York Tribune called it the “innovation of a food vendor on the pike”!

2. Bob’s Burgers had a Food Truck Episode.

Bob’s Burgers is a popular award-winning cartoon about a family that goes all out to save their lifestyles and relationships by flipping burgers. In one of their more hilarious skits entitled: “Food Truckin’,” Bob and the family tried their hand at being the best food truck on another side of the town. Sadly, they did win some businesses but lost their food truck in the process!

3. Burgers are one of the best food truck offerings.

Many food truck businesses attest that sandwiches and burgers are among the easiest foods to sell in food trucks. This is because of the relatively low-cost operations without compromising flavour. Burgers are also a crowd favourite because they are easy to customise. Just change your peppers, and your regular burger becomes a jalapeno burger. Change the cheese, and you can have a Swiss burger. The combinations are endless (and they are super easy to eat, too).

4. A burger can’t be called a sandwich.

While both the burger and the sandwich are essentially buns with food on them, a burger is a bit more nuanced than that. The burger is almost always served with meat in the centre, while the sandwich is extensively customisable. You can eat it with just some cheese and greens. But if you had a choice, it would be better to choose the one with extra protein, right? 

5. Burgers will continue to lead in food consumption numbers.

With just how easy it is to prepare, burgers are easy to make, even at home. As a matter of fact, according to data in the AU, we are on a hamburger high! In 2011 alone, did you know that Australians ate 289 million hamburgers? Now that’s quite a whopping number! It’s expected that the demand for burgers will rise, especially with news on its sustainability through lab-grown meat.

Feast on some delicious burgers today! 

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