Top Food Trends 2023

The food industry is an ever-changing landscape. With new technology, ingredients, and products emerging every year, it’s hard to keep up with all the new trends. We just need to accept it. Food fads change and will keep changing. Some can come and go quickly, and others can last for years. But whether they stay or go, they’re here to be enjoyed! 

To get a better idea of what’s ahead in 2023, here are some of the biggest food trends to watch out for:

Supporting local food is here to stay!

During the pandemic, travel has been limited, and the places we can go to have been restricted. And if there’s one thing that’s good about that, it’s that we’ve been forced to get to know the local food scene near us. And now, eating and supporting local food will continue to grow in popularity. There will be even more restaurants offering locally sourced produce and meats than there are now, which means you can enjoy fresh ingredients near you! 

The rise of “hybrid meats.”

Plant-based food is on the decline in supermarkets. The main reason is taste, but people are also beginning to doubt the health benefits it claims to provide. However, many people still want to eat plant-based food, and companies are trying different ways to make it taste better. One of their strategies is to combine plant-based food with real meat, called “hybrid meats.” Hybrid meats could be the game changer— a balance between healthy and delicious. This new product can help more people choose more nutritious food. 

The increasing influence of artificial intelligence (AI)

Watch out for AI’s growing impact on dining, which goes beyond robot waiters or chefs. Companies and scientists are already beginning to use AI tech to reshape the food industry. We may not understand it very well yet, but artificial intelligence is definitely having a significant effect on our food today and will continue to do so for many years to come. Whether we love or hate it, it is a technological innovation that is here to stay. 

Restaurants that feel like dinner parties

Dinner parties were common during the pandemic when restaurants were closed, and individuals trusted only their closest friends. Now, everyone is busier and seeking social interaction and new acquaintances. So there’s a rise in restaurants with a more intimate setting with communal tables and cuisine served family-style.

Lazy cooking

Life after a pandemic is hectic. Agree? We were all trying to go back to the way things were. And yes, making everything from scratch was worth the time and effort, but sometimes our busy schedules don’t leave us time to bake and cook projects. And so now, we have “lazy cooking.” “Lazy” here means “smart,” as in easy, innovative recipes that use convenience products and require little work. 

Are you excited about what 2023 has to offer?

While it’s difficult to predict the future, there’s no denying that the food industry is changing— just like everything else! We’ve only given you a snapshot of the most talked-about trends right now, but things will continue to evolve over the next few years! 

The trends we’re seeing now for 2023 may not be the ones that ultimately take hold, but they show an exciting future for food! Who knows, maybe 2023 is on the cusp of even more dramatic food trends that will change the way we think about food and eating! 

But one thing that’s not changing is the quality of food and dining experience that we offer at Shorty’s. We’ll always be ready to serve your burger cravings any day of the week! What’s more, if you’re planning a party but want to stay where you are, the party can come to you!

Whatever you have in mind, Shorty’s Food Truck is here to have fun and work with you.


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